Unique Talent Search Process

Careerhub Consultants continuously looks and includes Employees of the “Right Personnel with the Right Attitude” to its recruitment network and database. The 3 stages of Unique Talent Search Process are acquired through valuable expertise since its establishment.

Stage 1: Overview, Expectations and Requirements

At Careerhub Consultants, we strongly believe in conducting ongoing efforts to better understand what our clients’ expectations and requirements on the new hires are. We also analyse the clients’ corporate culture and environment in order to fulfill best fit candidates.

Stage 2: In-depth Search

With better overview understandings of what the new hiring requirements are, in-depth searches conducted through our recruitment network and database will begin. Only candidates of the “Right Personnel with the Right Attitude” will be shortlisted.

Stage 3: Candidates Presentation and Placement

Shortlisted candidates' profiles will be presented to our clients. A successful placement is made possible through processes such as matching of job relevance, thorough shorlistings and interviews, portfolio presentations, reference checks, and package negotiations, thereby integrating the new hire into the success of your business.

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